April 25, 2024
Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette
Step into the realm of otherworldly transformations with Mehron's Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette. Our "Monstrous Makeup Magic" title isn't just for show—this palette truly delivers on its promise of spellbinding effects. Each .7 oz (20 g) pot houses a trio of carefully curated shades, specially crafted for Halloween, special effects, or theater makeup. From ghoulish greens to eerie blues, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. The creamy texture blends seamlessly, allowing for effortless application and layering to achieve your desired look. Whether you're conjuring up a classic creature or inventing your own monstrous masterpiece, Mehron's palette is your ultimate tool for bringing your wildest fantasies to life. Dive into the world of fantasy and transform yourself into the stuff of nightmares—or dreams—with Mehron's Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette.

Welcome, fellow makeup enthusiasts, to our review⁤ of the‌ Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette in the thrilling shade of “Monster.” As we delve into the world of special effects and theatrical makeup, we’ve stumbled upon a gem that promises ⁤to elevate our Halloween looks, cosplay endeavors, ⁣and SFX makeup creations to new heights.
Crafted by Mehron, a trusted name in the industry for over 95 years, this palette isn’t just your average face ‍paint. Oh ⁢no, it’s a meticulously curated selection of‌ colors designed ⁢to bring out the inner monster, quite literally. From Bruise to Clown, Camo to Monster (of course), and a plethora of other characters like Witch, Pirate, Skeleton, and more, the options seem endless.
But⁤ let’s ‌talk about application​ because what good is makeup if it’s a hassle to put‌ on? Fear⁣ not, for Mehron has us covered with their easy-to-use cream makeup formula. Simply grab the double-ended‌ applicator included in the palette, swipe it across clean ⁢skin,​ and watch as the intense pigmentation brings your monster to life. And to ensure ⁢our ‌masterpiece stays put all night long, Mehron’s Colorset Powder comes to the rescue, locking in our look with ‍lasting effects.
Now, we all know the struggle of removing makeup after a ⁤long day⁤ or night of performance. Mehron understands this too, which ‍is why ​they’ve provided their Makeup ‍Remover to make cleanup a breeze. A few swipes, followed by soap and water, and we’re ready ⁤to tackle ⁤our next ​makeup adventure.
What sets Mehron apart isn’t just their top-notch products, but their commitment⁤ to quality and safety. Trusted by professionals in Hollywood and Broadway since‌ 1927, Mehron’s⁤ award-winning cosmetics and special FX⁢ products have become staples ​in the ‌makeup⁣ world. ⁤And⁣ the ⁣best part? They’re made right here in the⁤ USA and always cruelty-free.
So, whether you’re a seasoned SFX artist or a Halloween enthusiast looking to up your costume game, the Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette in “Monster” is sure to become your new go-to. Join us as we unleash our inner monsters and let our creativity run wild with Mehron by our side.

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Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图

Immerse yourself in the realm of creativity with the Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette. This ⁤versatile palette is a⁤ must-have for ⁤anyone delving into Halloween, cosplay, or special effects‍ makeup. With a spectrum of vibrant colors and character themes including Bruise, Clown, Camo, Monster, Witch, Pirate, Skeleton, Cat/Animal, Vampire, and Werewolf, this palette⁣ is designed to ignite your imagination and bring your characters to life.

  • Multi-use palette perfect for various makeup needs
  • Professionally designed for easy application and intense pigmentation
  • Long-wearing formula ensures your makeup lasts throughout your performance
  • Comes with‌ a double-ended applicator for convenient application

Designed by professionals and trusted by Hollywood and Broadway pros since⁤ 1927, Mehron ⁢is synonymous with‍ quality⁣ and innovation in the makeup industry. Our Tri-Color Face Paint Palette elevates your creativity, offering⁢ a combination of three specially selected colors to help you achieve the perfect look for your character. From realistic bruises to whimsical ‍monsters,⁣ Mehron Makeup empowers you ‍to unleash your imagination and express yourself confidently.

Ready ⁣to elevate your makeup game? Dive into the world of ​Mehron ⁣Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette and let your creativity soar.

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Product Introduction and Initial Impressions

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图1

As we delve‍ into‌ the world of creative makeup, we stumbled upon this versatile palette that⁤ promises to unleash our inner artist. Boasting an array of vibrant colors​ and character options, it’s a promising start for those seeking to transform their appearance for Halloween, cosplay, or special ‍effects makeup.‍ The compact⁤ size makes it convenient for on-the-go application, while the inclusion of a double-ended applicator simplifies the process, ‍ensuring even‌ novices can‌ achieve professional-looking results.

Upon initial inspection, the palette exudes quality, with ‍each color richly pigmented and ready to make a statement. The⁤ blendability of ⁢the ⁣cream makeup allows for seamless application, while the inclusion of Mehron’s Colorset⁣ Powder promises longevity,⁣ ensuring our creations stay intact throughout the night. With its professional-grade⁤ formulation and the endorsement of industry stalwarts, we’re eager⁣ to put this palette to the ⁣test and​ bring our​ wildest character fantasies to life. If you’re ready to ​unleash your creativity, join us in‍ exploring the endless possibilities ⁢with this Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette.

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Key Features:

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图2

Our Tri-Color Face Paint Palette is a versatile ‍tool for unleashing your creativity in makeup artistry. With a curated selection of three vivid colors in each ‍palette, we offer a range of options to⁤ help you embody various characters, from haunting monsters to whimsical⁢ clowns.

  • Includes​ shades⁢ for Bruise, Clown, Camo, Monster, Witch, ​Pirate, ⁤Skeleton, Cat/Animal, Vampire, & ‌Werewolf characters.
  • Designed ⁣by professionals for easy application and intense pigmentation, ensuring your makeup stays vibrant⁣ throughout your performance or event.
  • Comes with a double-ended ⁤applicator for‍ convenient application on clean ⁢skin.

To lock⁣ in your look​ for lasting effects, pair our cream makeup with Mehron’s Colorset Powder, ensuring your makeup stays flawless throughout your Halloween celebrations ​or theatrical performances.

For hassle-free removal after your event, utilize Mehron’s Makeup Remover ⁢followed by⁢ a simple soap and water‌ cleanup, leaving your skin​ fresh and clean.

Embrace over 95 years of professional makeup ⁣expertise⁢ with Mehron. Trusted by Hollywood and Broadway professionals since 1927, our products ⁤meet the highest safety,‌ performance, and quality standards. Plus, you can⁢ feel good knowing⁣ all Mehron products are made in the USA‍ and cruelty-free.

Elevate Your Creativity with Mehron’s Tri-Color Face Paint Palette

Highlighting the Versatility and Quality of Mehron Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图3

When it comes to unleashing our creativity and transforming into characters of our ⁤imagination, the Mehron Tri-Color‌ Character Makeup Palette stands out as an indispensable tool. Offering a kaleidoscope of colors and characters, including Bruise, Clown, Camo,‌ Monster, Witch, Pirate, Skeleton, Cat/Animal, Vampire, and Werewolf, this palette fuels our artistic endeavors with its sheer⁢ versatility. Whether it’s for Halloween escapades, cosplay adventures, or ‌theatrical performances, this palette caters to a​ myriad of creative pursuits, allowing us to embody any character we desire.

What ⁤truly sets this makeup⁣ apart is its professional-grade quality‌ and ease of application. Designed by industry professionals for​ intense pigmentation and‍ long-lasting wear, it ensures ⁤our makeup looks stay vibrant ⁢throughout our performances or festivities.‍ The inclusion of Mehron’s Colorset Powder further secures our look, granting it longevity that withstands the rigors of any occasion. And ‍when the curtain falls or the festivities conclude, effortless removal awaits, thanks to Mehron’s Makeup Remover and a simple cleanse with soap and water. With over 95 years of expertise behind it, Mehron continues to be the go-to choice for professionals in Hollywood, on Broadway, and beyond, ensuring that every stroke of our imagination is met with ⁣the highest standards of safety, performance, and quality.

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In-depth Analysis:

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图4

Upon delving⁤ into the details of the Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette, our assessment reveals a ‌versatile and professional-grade product tailored for ⁤a multitude of creative ventures. Boasting an extensive range of colors and character options including Bruise, Clown, Camo, Monster, Witch, Pirate, Skeleton,‍ Cat/Animal, Vampire, and Werewolf, this ‌palette is a‌ veritable treasure trove for makeup enthusiasts seeking to bring their visions to life.

The inclusion of a double-ended applicator simplifies the‍ application process, while‌ Mehron’s Colorset Powder ensures‌ longevity and durability, allowing users to maintain their desired look throughout the day ​or night. Furthermore, the ease of removal facilitated by Mehron’s Makeup Remover underscores the brand’s commitment to user convenience and satisfaction.

For those seeking professional-grade makeup with a rich history⁣ of reliability and innovation, the Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup‌ Palette stands as a testament to the ‌brand’s legacy of excellence. Elevate your creativity and transform into any character imaginable with this indispensable tool.

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Examining Texture, Blendability, and Longevity for a Detailed Perspective

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette插图5

When it comes ‍to assessing the quality of⁢ makeup, three crucial factors⁢ stand‍ out: texture, blendability, and longevity. Our exploration⁤ of the ⁣Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette in the Monster shade ‌reveals a wealth of insights into these‍ aspects, ensuring⁤ a⁢ comprehensive understanding of its performance.

Aspect Details
Texture The cream⁢ makeup in this palette boasts⁢ a luxurious texture, smooth and ⁤easy to apply. It glides effortlessly ​across the skin, offering ​a seamless base for creative ‍endeavors.
Blendability Blendability is key, especially in special ‌effects makeup. Mehron’s palette excels in this department, allowing ​for easy mixing of colors‍ to‍ achieve custom shades and intricate designs.
Longevity With its long-wearing formula, this‍ makeup‍ ensures that your artistry lasts throughout the day or night. Whether for a Halloween party or a theatrical⁤ performance, you can rely on its staying⁤ power.

From the intricate details of a spooky monster to the flawless complexion of a glamorous witch, this palette empowers creativity with its professional-grade quality. With easy application​ and intense pigmentation, it’s no surprise that Mehron has ⁣been a ‌trusted name in the industry for over 95 years. For those ⁤seeking‌ to elevate their makeup⁢ game, this palette offers endless possibilities. Discover the magic of Mehron Makeup Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette and unleash your inner artist here.


We are thrilled to recommend the Mehron Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette for anyone​ seeking to elevate their costume game to professional levels. With a range of vibrant colors and character options including Bruise, Clown, Camo, and more,⁢ this palette offers‍ endless possibilities for Halloween, cosplay, or special effects ‌makeup.

  • Experience easy application with ⁢intense pigmentation, designed by professionals for seamless blending and long-lasting wear.
  • For a hassle-free cleanup after your performance, Mehron’s ⁢Makeup Remover followed by soap and water is all you need to remove this makeup.

Product Details Specification
Dimensions 4 x 6 x 0.5 inches
Recommended Age 5 – 15 years
Manufacturer Mehron
UPC 764294503936

Unlock your creativity with Mehron’s Tri-Color Face Paint​ Palette, a true ​professional-grade product trusted by Hollywood and ​Broadway professionals⁤ for decades. Don’t miss out on the chance to bring your favorite ‍characters to ‍life this Halloween with this high-quality, cruelty-free makeup palette.

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Tailored Suggestions for Effective Application and Optimal Results

When ⁢diving into the ⁤world of character makeup, precision and creativity are paramount. To ensure your transformation is seamless and stunning, we recommend following these tailored suggestions:

  • Character ⁣Selection: ⁢Choose from⁢ a plethora of characters including Bruise, Clown, Camo, Monster, Witch, Pirate, Skeleton,⁣ Cat/Animal, Vampire, & Werewolf. Whether you’re aiming for spooky or whimsical, there’s a​ character waiting ​to ‍be brought to life.
  • Application ‍Technique: Begin by⁢ prepping clean skin. Utilize the⁣ included double-ended​ applicator for precise ‌application. Blend effortlessly to achieve⁣ the desired effect, ensuring intense pigmentation with each⁢ stroke.
  • Setting the Look: Lock in your masterpiece using Mehron’s Colorset Powder. This final step ensures your creation remains flawless throughout the night, resisting smudges and fading.
  • Effortless Removal: After‌ your performance or festivities, effortlessly remove your makeup using⁢ Mehron’s Makeup Remover followed by a simple cleanse with ​soap and ⁤water. Bid farewell to hassle and hello to convenience.

Customer Reviews⁣ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁤ scouring through the ⁤reviews ⁢for Mehron’s​ Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette, we’ve gathered valuable insights to help you ⁢make an informed decision:

Review Key ​Points
“I made ‌myself a black eye in 5​ mins..⁤ ez and I dont know how to put on make⁣ up lol. speads and smooths etc easy” Easy application for ‍beginners
“Great to ⁢make ⁣a bruise and looked⁣ so real” Realistic ⁤effects achievable
“Easy to clean up” Convenient cleanup process
“It’s what you expect, nothing high quality, just standard costume fare. My fiance ⁢looked ridiculous when he tried ⁣to turn himself into a​ werewolf with this, but that could’ve just been due to his lack of skill with it.” Basic quality for costume makeup
“Typical halloween makeup” Well-suited for Halloween
“Reasonably priced for the product you get. You’re not gonna win any Oscars with this, but it’s easy⁤ to use. I had to set ‌up a fake injury for a‍ training ⁢and⁣ blindly purchased this product. If the need arises again, I will purchase again.” Good value for⁢ money, ‌easy to use
“Used ‍it for a monkey costume (I was ⁤Abu from​ Aladdin) and it worked⁣ well. I ⁢did need to use ⁣several ⁣different applicators (not included) to‌ get the coverage and definition I⁢ wanted” Effective for specific costume needs, may require additional tools
“Works really well for‍ my costume. Washes off easily which means it⁤ smudges easily⁢ so be careful.” Effective for costume, but smudges ⁢easily

From⁤ the reviews, ⁢it’s clear that Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette offers ease of use, convenience in cleanup, and decent results‍ for ​various‍ costume makeup needs. While some users found it perfect for achieving realistic effects, others highlighted its basic quality and the need for additional tools for certain applications. Overall, it seems to be a suitable choice for Halloween,​ special​ effects, and theater makeup, particularly considering its affordability and ease of use.

Pros & Cons

Monstrous Makeup Magic: Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette

As makeup enthusiasts, we’re always ‍on the ⁤hunt for products that can elevate our creativity and help us transform into ‍our wildest imaginations. Mehron’s Tri-Color ⁤Character Makeup Palette⁤ promises to do just that, ⁤offering a plethora ‍of colors ⁢and characters ⁣to bring to life. But like‌ any product, it has its ups and downs. ⁣Let’s dive ⁢into the pros and cons of this monstrous makeup magic.


Professional Grade Mehron has been trusted by Hollywood and Broadway‌ professionals since 1927, ensuring high-quality performance and safety standards.
Versatility With a variety of characters⁤ including ​monsters, witches, vampires,‍ and more, this palette⁤ is perfect for⁢ Halloween, cosplay, and special ⁢effects ⁢makeup.
Intense Pigmentation The cream makeup offers intense⁢ pigmentation, allowing for bold and vibrant looks that last.
Easy Application The included double-ended applicator makes application a ‌breeze, ensuring smooth and​ seamless coverage.
Long-Wearing Designed for long-lasting wear, this makeup stays put through hours of performance without fading or smudging.
Cruelty-Free Mehron products are⁣ proudly made in the USA ‌and are always cruelty-free, allowing you to ‍create without compromise.


  • Color Selection: While the palette ‌offers a variety of characters, some ​users may find the color selection limited for certain looks.
  • Removal Process: While Mehron’s Makeup​ Remover⁤ is recommended for removal, some users may find ⁢it ​requires extra effort to completely remove the makeup.
  • Price: Compared to other makeup palettes on the market, Mehron’s ​Tri-Color Palette may be considered⁣ slightly pricey‍ for casual⁣ users.

In ‌conclusion, Mehron’s⁢ Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette is a versatile⁣ and professional-grade‌ product that offers intense pigmentation and easy⁣ application for creating stunning Halloween, cosplay, and special effects looks. While it may have some drawbacks such as limited color selection and‍ a slightly higher price point, its quality⁤ and performance make it a worthy addition to any ⁤makeup enthusiast’s collection.


Q&A Section:
Q: Is⁢ this palette suitable for beginners or is⁢ it ​more geared towards professional use?
A: The Mehron Tri-Color Character Makeup Palette is versatile enough ‍for both beginners ⁣and professionals alike. While it’s true that Mehron is a trusted brand among industry⁢ professionals, their products are designed with user-friendliness in mind. The easy application and intense pigmentation‍ make ‌it ideal for anyone looking to dive‍ into the world of Halloween, cosplay, or special‍ effects makeup.
Q: How many applications can I expect from​ one palette?
A: The .7 oz (20 ‍g) capacity of‌ each color in the palette ‍ensures that you’ll have plenty of product to ⁤work with. The exact⁤ number of applications can ​vary depending on factors like the size of the design and the amount of product used per ​application. However, rest assured that a single⁤ palette should provide enough makeup for several uses, making it a worthwhile investment⁢ for⁤ your makeup kit.
Q: Is the makeup long-wearing? Will it hold up through a night ⁤of Halloween festivities or a theatrical performance?
A: Absolutely! Mehron’s commitment to quality means that their makeup is designed to withstand the rigors of performance. Once applied and ‍set with Mehron’s Colorset Powder, you ⁢can trust‌ that your makeup will stay put throughout the ​night,​ whether you’re trick-or-treating, dancing at ⁢a Halloween party, or delivering lines on stage.
Q: How easy is it to remove the makeup?
A: ​Mehron understands⁢ the importance⁣ of easy ‍cleanup after a long day or night of ⁤wearing makeup. Their Makeup Remover is specially⁣ formulated to ​dissolve ⁣even the most stubborn makeup, making removal a breeze. Simply follow up with soap and water ‌for a hassle-free cleanup process, leaving ‍your skin fresh and makeup-free.
Q: Is this product​ cruelty-free?
A: Yes, indeed!⁣ Mehron is proud to be a cruelty-free brand, meaning that their products are never tested on⁢ animals. You can feel good about using Mehron makeup, knowing that it upholds the highest standards of ethical⁢ beauty‌ practices.
Q:‍ Can I use this palette to create specific character looks, or is it more of a general-purpose​ makeup kit?
A:⁤ The Mehron Tri-Color Palette is designed to help you bring⁤ specific characters to​ life with ease. Each palette features a combination of three specially⁤ selected colors tailored to evoke a particular character ‌or effect, such‍ as ​Monster, Clown, or Vampire. Whether you’re transforming into a spooky ghoul for Halloween or a fantastical creature for cosplay, this palette has you covered.

Ignite Your Passion

As we conclude our journey into the realm‌ of monstrous makeup magic with Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette, we’re‍ left⁣ awestruck by its versatility ​and⁢ professional-grade quality. Whether you’re gearing up ‍for Halloween, diving into ​cosplay, or preparing for a theatrical performance, this palette has your back with its array of captivating characters and intense pigmentation.
With Mehron’s commitment to ⁣excellence evident in every stroke, ‌applying this cream makeup is ⁤a breeze, thanks to the included double-ended applicator. And to ensure your look lasts through the night (or⁤ day), don’t forget to seal it in with​ Mehron’s ⁤Colorset Powder.
When the curtain falls and it’s time to bid ⁣farewell to your monstrous ‍persona, Mehron’s Makeup Remover steps in for ⁣an effortless cleanup,‍ leaving you ready for your next transformation.
With over⁢ 95 years of expertise under its​ belt,‌ Mehron stands as a beacon⁣ of creativity and​ innovation in ⁢the makeup industry, ‌trusted ⁣by professionals from Hollywood to Broadway. And with products made ⁢in the USA ‌and always cruelty-free, you can feel good about the magic you’re creating.
So, whether you’re an aspiring artist or a seasoned pro, unleash your‍ creativity with Mehron’s Tri-Color Face Paint Palette. Elevate your craft and bring your characters to life like never before.
Ready to dive into the world of monstrous transformations? Click here to get your hands​ on Mehron’s Tri-Color Palette now!

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